Those of you that know me (and if you don’t…here’s a little tidbit about myself)…I have one heck of a sweet tooth! I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but if something has frosting on it (especiallly a sugar cookie) or is covered in coconut (like a donut or white cake) I am so there! Ryke’s Bakery ALWAYS comes through when I need a sugar fix! Whether I’m participating in one of their cookie polls (their frosted sugar cookies are out of this world!), loading up on a dozen Caramel Apple Donuts (pass the cider!) or raiding their cooler for the latest cake parfait flavors, Ryke’s really has it all!

The woman behind the scenes? Renee Rouwhorst! This woman is a ROCKSTAR. Every time I’m fortunate enough to talk to her, I leave so inspired and excited about my business and the professionals in our West Michigan community. Renee has such compassion for what she does as well as making an impact in her community.

I recently got a chance to sit down with Renee (and Devon!) to learn more about the bakery (and cafe!), and where they see the business going! 526343_10151902066082518_1303899924_n Here’s what Renee had to share about Ryke’s:

|JLC| Tell me about Ryke’s Bakery and Cafe and how you got started.

{Renee | Ryke’s} LONG STORY!!! Abbreviated version…. Butch is a chef—needed a kitchen—heard that Ryke’s had a kitchen he could lease…. 7 months later he had formed a partnership with a baker who would run the bakery and we purchased the building. Baker didn’t work out—I left my training and consulting job to come and run the bakery. I am personally domestically challenged…. I don’t cook, or bake, or do crafts….no idea how this all happened!!

|JLC| What is your favorite part of your job?

{Renee | Ryke’s} Bridal Consults—I just wish that’s all I had on my plate!

971599_10151869707002518_618683202_n|JLC| What attracts brides (and grooms) to Ryke’s?

{Renee | Ryke’s} Butter Cream on steroids!!! It’s laced, but don’t tell anyone! (J/K!)

|JLC| What is one piece of advice you always share with brides?

{Renee | Ryke’s } If it’s important to you….. DO IT – if it’s not — no matter what everyone is telling you….just let it go. Don’t spend the money on stuff that’s not close to your heart.

|JLC| What additional services/products do you offer?

{Renee | Ryke’s} Full service catering, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, pies, pastries, parfaits and more!  Oh…. and don’t forget the cafe and our now-famous asiago cheese spread…. YUM!

|JLC| What’s been one of the craziest requests you’ve received for a cake?

{Renee | Ryke’s} Most of the crazy things come from our occasion cake business…. they see things on TV and well…. you know…..


Okay, if those questions weren’t enough…time to get personal!

|JLC| Driving with the windows down, or the air conditioner cranked up?

{Renee | Ryke’s} Definitely windows down!!

|JLC| Where’s your favorite vacation destination?

{Renee | Ryke’s} Everywhere!!! Love vacations

|JLC| Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

{Renee | Ryke’s} Totally depends on how tired I am

|JLC| What TV show is your guilty pleasure?

{Renee | Ryke’s} The Good Wife

1381968_10152019805612518_1719987956_nThanks so much Renee for sharing some details about Ryke’s! The Cafe is open for lunch daily! Make sure to visit them online: for hours weekly specials! You can also find them on facebook, where Renee posts photos daily of cake deliveries and other sweet displays they work on!

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