Summer Jean Photography specializes in romantic and timeless wedding and engagement photography in Grand Rapids, Northern Michigan and along the lakeshore. I met Summer at the 2011 Grand Haven Wedding Walk. It was there that I learned we were already connected! Summer had photographed my husband’s brother & sister-in-law’s wedding a few years back AND she had also worked with my mother-in-law before she began photographing full time! I felt an instant connection with Summer, but it wasn’t until April 2012 that I was able to work with her on a project. Cassie Celestin from White Dress Events connected the two of us (along with some amazing other West Michigan Wedding Professionals!) for a styled photo shoot along the shores of Lake Michigan at Holland State Park. Leading up to that shoot, I had seen Summer’s work, but to witness her first hand in her element, I was enthralled! Her compositions are breath-taking and she captures the true beauty of each couple she works with. Read on to learn more about Summer Jean Photography!

-6 -5 -4 -3 -2 |JLC| Tell me about Summer Jean Photography and how you got started.

{SJP} Summer Jean Photography specializes in wedding and engagement photography throughout Michigan but specifically in the lakeshore communities and Northern Michigan. We are entering our seventh year of shooting full time but our 15th year of shooting weddings! Our team consists of me, Summer Osborn and associate photographer, Katie DeWinter.

|JLC| What is your favorite part of your job?

{SJP} My favorite part of my job is the relationships that I get to build with brides and grooms, creating a fun and relaxed environment despite the stress level on a wedding day, and obviously creating beautiful images of it all!

|JLC| What attracts brides (and grooms) to SJP?

{SJP} I would hope that my brides and grooms are attracted to Summer Jean Photography because of the timeless and romantic feel of my photos and because they feel we would work well together. :) I really attract some AWESOME clients!

|JLC| What is one piece of advice you always share with brides?

{SJP} One piece of advice I always share with my brides is to enjoy their day. It happens so fast and there will always be something that doesn’t go exactly as planned but to embrace it, and have fun!

|JLC| What additional services/products do you offer?

{SJP} All of our packages include an engagement session, a disc of enhanced images, a print and on-line gallery. Additional products like albums, prints, and specialty products are also available!

|JLC| Please share your most memorable experience with a bride and/or groom!

{SJP} Oh boy, that’s hard to narrow it down! Last summer I had a bride that had to have surgery on her achilles tendon 2 days before her wedding. Poor girl! She had the best attitude though and was a blast to work with. Or, the time I had all of the groomsmen stand on a dock in a channel in Pentwater and they ALMOST fell in. yikes. I’m scared of docks now and would never suggest that they stand on one! Most of my couples are just really in love and I love witnessing their marriage!

|JLC| What’s been one of your favorite venues to photograph?

{SJP} I love all outdoor weddings. :) They are by far my favorite! One very unique venue I’ve shot at is the Fernwood Botanical Gardens in Niles, Mi.

Okay, enough business talk! Time for some fun questions!

|JLC| Driving with the windows down, or the air conditioner cranked up?

{SJP} Windows down as long as I’m not heading someplace that I need to look presentable. :)

|JLC| Where’s your favorite vacation destination?

{SJP} My favorite vacation destination would be anywhere that there is water or mountains. I love camping and being outdoors!

|JLC| Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

{SJP} I would rather read a book but I probably watch movies more often.

|JLC| So, what was the last book you read?

{SJP} Breaking Light by Liz Murray

|JLC| What TV shows are your guilty pleasure?

{SJP} My favorite TV shows are The Bachelor(ette), Deadliest Catch, and anything HGTV.

Thanks so much Summer for taking the time to share more about Summer Jean Photography! For more information about Summer Jean Photography, please click HERE and make sure to like them on Facebook!

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